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One of the most common benefits of owning a real life sex doll is by far the improvement that men see in sexual technique and performance. Sex dolls can be said to offer a more complex and full sexual experience by allowing complete flexibility on our client’s side. Whatever you wish to try; whatever fantasy you want to act out: this is possible with the help of a sex doll!


Bet you, not many people are courageous enough to get into a local store and buy a love doll. This is due to the stigma associated with lifelike sex dolls. That is why we value the confidentiality of our client. We make our transactions privately and ship your love doll efficiently and discreetly.

master Chin-wag

I have experienced many women because I am passionate about life. Nightclubs, bars, universities, office buildings, etc. Counting more than 80 women were conquered by me. I am willing to share their souls with you through sex doll.

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Record of interview with Kanadoll Master

How to define sex doll?

Realistic Sex Doll, also known as physical dolls and love dolls, is a kind of sex toy with high reality. Its great function is to be able to provide sexual services. Many movies and reports mentioned inflatable dolls in the past. With the technological revolution and the evolution of materials, there is now the Realistic Sex Doll. People may need more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation, and psychological satisfaction, which has created a demand for artificial dolls. Realistic Sex Doll has a human form, which is a derivative of sex toys.

Is it one-sided to regard it as a sex doll?

For many users, there is a stigmatization of “sex dolls”, as if he has a sex doll, he is a pervert. Sometimes users do not have sex with it, they also have dinner with them, hug and caress, etc., called “sex doll” seems to be disgusting. In fact, in my opinion, this view is too narrow for the definition and understanding of sex, and we have to lengthen the definition of “sex”.

Does having sex dolls just come from the need for companionship and intimacy?

Realistic Sex Doll is an alternative and satisfaction of real life. It is similar to love psychology, but it is more inclined to occupy and control a person. He may be frustrated in real life, and it is difficult to establish a better relationship in reality, or some of his psychological needs cannot be satisfied in reality, so in a virtual world, to meet this part of the fantasy.

Realistic Sex Doll also has a feature, it can be left at the mercy of the owner, can not resist. The master has control over the doll, which is a bit like the SM (masochism) plot. Some people may not be able to express their desires with real partners, and he will get satisfaction from the doll.

Of course, there will be users who do n’t talk to me about sex, I think it ’s dirty, I just want to be beautiful. But in our opinion, sex is not dirty, whether you want to make love or not, it is your choice.

Users will treat sex dolls as their girlfriends, wives, and daughters. Is it possible for dolls to replace real people emotionally?

Sex Doll cannot replace real people, but they can fulfil part of emotional satisfaction, avoid pain, avoid loss, and satisfying part of the psychological desires.

There is feedback between people’s real emotions, that is, I have emotions for you, and you have emotions for me. Sex dolls, it has no way to feedback its emotions, or the feedback of this emotion is only imagined by the user.

For example, if I buy a dress for my daughter, my daughter may be very cold, or very happy, she will say: “Dad, I don’t like this dress.” But the doll can never have such feedback.

Real emotions will affect and change people. In real life, people have many helpless places. The imagination will bring pleasure to people and create a safe area for people to relax and have fun. But that is always just your own world, not real feedback from the outside world.

When people have true intimacy. Why do people still need Realistic Sex Dolls?

True intimacy is equal to each other and self-conscious. In a sense, the sex doll is also a manifestation of the desire to control in sexual relations, and the uncontrollability of real people is stronger.

Data surveys show that most men still masturbate after marriage. When you and your partner have no way to reach agreement on sex and emotion, you need to be satisfied through other means.

If a boyfriend has Realistic Sex Doll, what kind of psychological process do women generally experience?

Many women will develop psychology against third parties. “Realistic Sex Doll defeated myself”, or “I’m not charmed anymore”, there is such a sense of frustration, but it is not necessary.

Realistic Sex Doll is just an external thing, but we can borrow Realistic Sex Doll as a mirror to understand the emotional relationship between the two parties and make a communication with the partner, why one side needs a silicone doll, and what is wrong with the emotional aspects of the two people.

Do women need Realistic Sex Doll?

Usually, women’s emotions and moods are more sensitive and more complicated. They will feel that emotion and sex are tied together, and they need more love. Realistic Sex Doll is difficult to provide them with spiritual love. Men ’s sexual satisfaction is relatively simple and relatively straightforward. Of course, this is a personal choice and is related to cultural education and lifestyle.

How should the outside world view the Realistic Sex Doll user group?

Since this is a group, other people must form certain stereotypes about them. The whole society and culture are opposed to “sex dolls”, and even many people even think that this is a pervert.

Sex dolls are related to sex and belong to privacy. In a way, it meets people’s needs for sex. There is a reasonable place.

It does n’t matter if you do n’t want to come out. You are accompanied by a doll. You can stay in that beautiful world all your life and never be affected by reality.

What’s the use of dolls? Her use is to give people more ways.