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Misinterpretations of Sex: How Sex Dolls Are Different

Manchester Beautiful Lace Peachy Butt Blonde Sex Doll Willa

There is an awful lot to be misunderstood about sex. There’s actually a number of myths about sex that need to be cleared up. At Kanadoll, we like to provide our clients full transparency and support in their buying decisions. We want to make sure every client knows what they are purchasing, and the positive […]

You are my warmest companion! “Sisters” Photography Collection

sex dolls Photography Collection

Gentle and delicate, trust depends. The emotion between sisters is arguably the most profound relationship in the world. Love-hate Relationship Zoe (22 years), Maria (13 years) At home, Zoe and Maria’s rooms are tightly connected, and no matter what happens, they are together. Whenever Zoe is not at home, Instagram is the best way to […]