Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: An Awesome Planning

Kanadoll Girls Fortunate Meeting An Awesome Planning

Stuart Fergusson and his wife Charlotte were married for 9 years. Their marriage was an outright success. The couple found it hard to live without each other. They also enjoyed each other’s company a lot. Stuart and Charlotte had 3 kids, Simon, John, and Tara. They were living a very happy life. But, Stuart and […]

Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: The Perfect Revenge

Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: The Perfect Revenge

Luke Harper was an investment banker working with a highly reputed investment firm. He had a lucrative earning and his lifestyle was the dream lifestyle for many people in the UK. However, he was still not happy and that too for obvious reasons. He understood that material possession was never a way to happiness. Love […]

Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: Bailey and Sarah’s Secret Wishes

Bailey and Sarah Secret Wishes

Bailey Learns the Truth The next day, Sarah called Bailey. Bailey thought that Sarah had found out that she and Jason are now in a relationship. So, Bailey thought she would not pick up Sarah’s call because she knew what was coming. But, she wanted to hear the voice of Sarah, the loser. So, she […]